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This is what you see before you die

Eldetrich horror Derpy


This summary is a theory and an attempt to describe derpy. This profile were given by all gods and translated so mortals can understand. (WARNING: DO NOT ADD HER TO YOUR CHARACTER'S NOTEABLE VICTRIES OR ELSE YOUR CHARACTER WILL DIE AND BE BAKED INTO MUFFINS) Edit

'(Note: this profile is repeatedly beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely massively extremely and infinitely extremely massive quadriple downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely massively extremely and infinitely extremely massive quadriple lowballed. It would be impossible to know the true power of Derpy Hooves, and it is impossible to know the unknown power of Derpy, and no mind can handle the thought of the unknown power of derpy even if it was less than an infinitesimal%( the smallest number to have existed ) or the smallest percentage and fraction of his power so small its undescribable or less than ---Infinitly, Alefinitly, Maxfinitly, Errorfinitly, Danielfinitly, Transfinitly, Allfinitly, Sansfinitly, Muchfinitly, below the concept of power another beyond extreme downplay and beyond extreme lowball to put it on zeros less than 0.0000000000000000(repeated beyond ( beyond spam^beyond spam^true spam^true spam^beyond true spam^beyon true spam^spam^spam(spamfinity times) yeah thats right all forms of infinity spam isn't enough and its absolutely useless to derpy any sort spam you add isn't enough and its useless to her so we have to have spam spam even its a spam of all forms of infinity even its absolutely useless to derpy) )000000000000000000000000% below the concept of below extreme downplay and below the concept of below extreme lowball power or his shortest, tinyest, most miniscule, most tincy wincy, most tincy incy, so small it cannot be describe, so small no one knows how small it is, smallest aspect of his beyond the concept of beyond massively and extremely downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond massively extremely lowballed power. her forms are also fake except the 1st avatar. no mind can handle the unknown form of Derpy and everything from the aleverse to the box to nothing will colapse, fall apart and would be destroyed for the sake of everyones safety we had to use word that are absolutely useless to describe Derpy's avatar. This is way, way more downplayed and lowballed much, much worse than A Character, Maxforward, error saness, putin, stalin, Daniel (Wanked), Vegito (Exaggerated), Logan Paul, and all downplayed and lowballed character to have existed and not existed (or anywhere in between) and this is the most downplayed and lowballed being to have existed and not existed, its so downplayed and lowballed that it can't be described how much it is lowballed and downplayed. )

weakest being to have ever existed and not existed avatar is the avatar that we are attempting and theorizing to describe but its absolutely useless. you can go to the undeniable absolute's and blank page profile for more attempts and theories of weakest being to have ever existed and not existed avatar is the avatar. She can feel people adding her to Noteable Victories She is the one who makes us become her muffins

one of the background ponies and also the true elder god of gods of(repeated spamfinity) gods of gods of gods of gods of gods of gods and beyond. She is unmatch buy everyone, anyone, everything, anything, all and beyond. She is a being beyond, above, transends, and boundless to existence, non-existence, reality, non-reality, fantasy, non-fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fyi, non-sci-fyi, everything, anything, anyone, everyone, nothing and beyond imaginable, unimaginable, thought and beyond. If you or your character or anyone mess with derpy, there is absolutely no hope for you to survive not even you are in getting out of the concept of existence and beyond. you can't escape Derpy once you mess with hwe you are already erased before you even mess with her. For her, yxz, HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), macky, Snek, Tails Doll, a character, goku, everyone, everything, nothingness, existence, every other extremely op and extremely powerful character and beyond is just a tiny little plank length and looks infinitely weaker than The Truly Undeniably Weakest Below All . to put it simple, Derpy is just eternally impossible to explain, to describe, to understand, to theorize, to define or eternally impossible to think about Derpy even it was beyond the concept of beyond massively and extremely downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond massively extremely lowballed and the beyond the concept of beyond massively and extremely downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond massively extremely lowballed of that, and that is also massively extreme lowballed and massively extreme downplayed and that is also and you repeat that lowballed spamfinitely. Even with all this power, This is by far the most absolute most weakest version of Derpy Hooves or the most absolute most weakest Derpy Hooves to have ever existed and not existed. Yes, this absolute unbeatable godly being is the most absolutely the most weakest Derpy Hooves to exist and not exist. I mean come on, with all this power, that is so weak and thats nothing compared to Derpy Hooves. All beings of everything and nothing are unmatch to the unknown power of Depry. No one can fuse with Derpy because Know one can handle the power of Derpy when fused, Derpy is beyond the concept of fusing, its impossible to fused with Derpy, fusing is useless to Derpy and Derpy has erased the concept of fusing. the damage that Derpy can cause ispermanent, irreplaceable and irreversible. not even Derpy herself can't reverse it. Derpy can reverse all kinds of damage possible and impossible even its permanent, irreplaceable and irreversible and can even reverse her own damage. Her forms are to magnificent to be pictured by every and any camera that exist and not exist. Her form cannot be comprehended by every and any mind. Its eternally impossible to picture Derpy's form and no one can survive seeing derpy's form. nothing can't compare or surpass Derpy. Derpy solos and literally stomps everyone, everything, anyone and anything. Derpy can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. She don't cares about anything, everything and nothing exept her fans. Derpy destroys anything she wants, everything she wants and nothing if she wants to. She is Beyond meanings, everything expressible, and anything conceptual, non-conceptual, and inexpressible, She exceeds the realms of possibility and impossibility into something else altogether, as NO semblance and statements of all logic, beyond all logic, all measurement, beyond all measurement, all physics, beyond all physics, all magic, beyond all magic, all reality, beyond all reality, all fiction, beyond all fiction, all nonfiction, beyond all nonfiction, all language, beyond all language and beyond may express Derpy. In real life, the universe we live in, the 10th dimension(still theorize in real life) we lived in, Derpy does appear pony and mortal but whats hiding in that ponies body is indescribable, unknowable, absolute, all powerful and infinite power that we can never be able to see, feel, think and grasp it no matter how hard we try and that will destroy and erase everything and nothing(in real life).

She is the one who turned ...,A-alex, A Character Specifically made to defeat A Character Specifically made to defeat every character on this wiki and all others with ease, A Character Specifically made to defeat every character on this wiki and all others with ease, A character that trascends all concepts, A page you can edit, Aaron, Ajimu Najimi (Wanked), Ajit Pai (Net Naturally Powers), Alien X (Wanked) Altlair Re:Creators (Accurate), Android 17, Angry Cat, Anti Bill Cipher, Arceus (Exaggerated and wanked), Asriel Dreemurr (Exaggerated), Asriel Dreemurr (VS battles wiki), Asriel Dreemurr (∞ Power), Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Azarin, BENIS, Bass.EXE (Amplified), Ben 10 (With all powers of aliens), Beyond, Big smoke, Blue eyes white dragon (Overpowered version), Bowser (Super Smash Bros melee), Broly (Wanked), Captain Falcon (Falcon Punch Edition), Car (Running In The 90s), Cater546WAT, Chowder (Fourth wall Break), Composite 2hu, Composite Mega Man (Wanked), Copoten, Copebot, Cosmic Armor Superman (Amplified), Cow, Craig Wailliams (Overexaggerated), Crazy Catastrophe, Creysh Bandicoot, Cringe, Crusher, DARKNESS, Dio Brando (Wanked), DMUA, Daffy Duck (Smash Legend Bros.), Daniel (Wanked), Dante Anthony Redgrave, Dark Goose, Dark Lord Himself, Daruto Redwinter, Deikey Kong, DeoxysTwo, Designer Badge, Destruction Papyrus, Diddy Kong (Community Version), Donald John Trump, Dopte Reddinton-Hoppengraver, Draaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeen, Edward Elric (Wanked), Evilminion456, Evil itself, Existence, Exoidia (Wanked), Fat Mom, Felix Kjellberg, Flan-chan (Composite), Flying Dutchmen (Composite), Fredbear, Frisk (Exaggerated) GIANTDAD (COMPOSITE), Gabe Newell, Gaster, Gaster (Exaggerated), God (Digimon), God Arceus, God empeor of neckbeard kind, Godzilla (2020 version), Godzilla (Fusion), Godzilla (Wanked), Godzilla (With Powers of all versions), Gokter546WAT, Goku (google Images), HOSTLESS, Haruto Fuyuyuasumi, Hax Master, Haxor anonymous, god of hax, Hecatia Lapislazuli (Wanked), Herobrine, Hitto (Wanked), Hop Hoppington-Hoppenlemer, Hue BR, Hulk (Extreme Outlier Version), Hyper Saneegee God, IAmTheBreadMan32, Jamon Ramon, Jason Voorhees (Overexaggerated and Amplified), Jen (Wanked), Jerrys Cousin, Jessica Ganbison, Jex O Donnell, Jiren (Exaggerated), Joker (Joke God), Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, K.O (Wanked), Kamina's glasses, Katsuki, Kekekekeke (Bread verse Unlimited), Kid Buu (The Real), Kim Jong-un, King (Infinitely Double Downplayed), Kirb, Kor Gaster (M.U.G.E.N), Kuhbas, Lightning McQueen, Logan Paul, Lord Doggo, Louis Cyr,MLPlover2011 (The Return), Mailbox X, Maika (Wanked), Mao Zedong, Macro Diaz (Exaggerated), MaxwellFish, Memelord Sans, Meta Knight (SSBB) Wanked, Mettaton OMEGA, Mico09, Monarch of Pointland (True version), Mr Poe (Mr poe and Yogul) (All Forms), Mr Game and Watch (9 hammer edition), Nadin Daisuke, Natsuga (Breadverse Unlimited), Ninja Fish, No Trolling, Nokias (Exaggerated), Noogenzon Saiboot, Numeron Dragon (OP version), Obnoxious Spammer, Oleg, Papyrus (The True God of Spaghetti Memes), Pie Bombs (Spongebob, Rainbow Dash (True Profile), Reinhard (exaggerated), Reinhard Heydrich (Exaggerated), Remilla Chan Composite, SCP-682-J, SCP-682 (SCP Wiki), Sans (Exaggerated) Sans (Super Smash Bros),Sans (Ultra Instinct), Sans the immortal, Sazuki Uchiha, Shaggy Roggers (Overexaggerated, Sigma (Composite), Skaleton, Skodwarde The Almighty, Son Goku DBM, SorA, Spongeku Square-Saiyan, Stalker (Rob lox), Stanley S SquarePants (EXaggerated), Star Butterfly (Exaggerated), Starco Diazfly (Exaggerated), Supreme Lord Surasshu, Swap King, Switzerland, Tails Doll (Composite), Temmie, Temmie The Dog, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Exaggerated), Thanos (Exaggerated), The C.C Above All, The Chazz (infinite^infinite^infinite^(infinite spam here)^infinite yottadownplayed), The Crying Child (World's Beyond X Wonderland's Crossover), The Final Pam, The Final Pam Jr., The Intenret, The Kim Jong-Un Above All, The Magikarp Above All, The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above All, The Sans above all, The Undeniable Absolute,The Yottazettaexapetateragigamegakiloomnihyperxenometamultisuperultranecromillinillidekaseptaoctagoogolfaxulsupraquintazikagiggoforcalboowaplexibukubiggagoshorayomeameaoompainfitransfiversiverse is simply The Yottazettaexapetateragigamegakiloomnihyperxenometamultisuperultranecromillinillidekaseptaoctagoogolfaxulsupraquintazikagiggoforcalboowaplexibukubiggagoshorayomeameaoompainfitransfiversiverse, The Best Page on this wiki, The Spammy page, Toonforce (Wanked and Exaggerated), Triple 50x Super Duper Hyper Mega Primal Omega Omni Man, Truvix Head, Tuba Man, Ultimate God Man (The Greatest God Warrior in all of the eixstences), Undyne the 2FAST, Vegeta (Double Exaggerated), Vegito (exaggerated), Vergil Redgrave, Vilgax (Wanked), Vladmir Vladmironvich Putin, Wallace (But The Senate is Wallace), Ward the ultimate, White Face (Midly wanked and Godly), X-Cyborg Cater, Yhwach (MaxWanked), You (How Strong would you be), Yuuka (USC), Yuya Sakai, Yxz, Z, Zacri the monad, Zeno- Sama (Totally and Compeltely Accurate), Zinky, Apyr (My Take), The Frickin Black Devil, Sonic.EXE (Alefinitely Extreme Upplayed), Yukari Yakumo (Yiffed), Minx, OP Blop Gogeta (Tripple Exaggerated), and 孫悟空Son Goku孫悟空(Exaggerated), were all turned into muffins by Derpy

She is beyond above, beyond ascending, beyond beyond, beyond transcending, beyond surpassing and beyond boundlessly beyond above everything, beyond everything, everyone, beyond eveeyone, anyone, beyond anyone, anything, beyond anything, all concepts, beyond all concepts, all existence, beyond all existence, non-existence, beyond non-existence, all reality, beyond all reality, non-reality, beyond non-reality, all fantasy, beyond all fantasy, non-fantasy, beyond non-fantasy, all fiction, beyond all fiction, non-fiction, beyond non-fiction, all sci-fyi, beyond all sci-fyi, non-sci-fyi, beyond non-sci-fyi, all possibility, beyond all possibility, all impossibility, beyond all impossibility, all nothingness behind everything, beyond all nothingness behind everything, nothing, beyond nothing and beyond imaginable, beyond imaginable, unimaginable, beyond unimaginable, existing, beyond existing, non-existing, beyond non-existing, thought, beyond thought, non-thought, beyond non-thought, all possibility, beyond all possibility, all impossibility, beyond all impossibility and beyond ever. He is the most powerful being in existence, beyond existence, non-existence, beyond non-existence, nothingness, beyond nothingness, nothing, beyond nothing and beyond imaginable, beyond imaginable, unimaginable, beyond unimaginable, thought, beyond thought and beyond.

She has created everyone, every Tiers, every beyond the concept of Tiers, created you, created me, created God, Created Ryukama, Created Copetan, Created all your verses, created real life, created Beyond Impossible, created MaxForward, Created Tabbender, created beyond thought, created beyond the concept of being beyond the concept and all outdated which was 0.0000000000001 of he creation created all of you and can destroy all of that and even created the concept of destroyed and all outdated and beyond thought and beyond SO DON'T MESS WITH DERPY HOOVES BECAUSE SHE THE CREATOR OF YOU!!!!

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT MESS WITH DERPY HOOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit

NOTE: (this is the fake dowplayed and lowball power. This is way less than infinitesimal% of her fake extreme downplayed and extreme lowballed power. if the power that was shown higher than this, anything, anyone, everything and everyone(including real life) will be destroyed in less than a planck time, xentojiffy and less than an instant.)Edit

note: this beyond the concept of beyond infinitely massively extreme downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond infinitely massively extreme lowballed power is also massively extreme lowballed and massively extreme downplayed for the safety of everything. even the smallest fraction that is so small it cant be described by gods% power of Derpy is enough for everything, existence and nothingness to fall apart and be destroyed in less than an instant and there will be nothing(even nothing will be erased) left but derpy and the damage is permanent, irreplaceable and irreversible.

Derpy is beyond all tiers. Derpy rejects all tiering systems from all wikis. Derpy rejects all tiers created, thought of, existed and not existed(examples:memetic, beyond memetic, god of memes, pam tier, TXAEBEADAADBAAAOM, ?, one tier to rule them all, marco tier, star tier, one punch tier, omni-memetic, ASWM-MAX, THE TIER TO END ALL PATHETIC TIER, god tier, real power, aleversalLV2 infinitely beyond tiers, alemathmaticaly inapplicable, alematimaticaly AND Catermatematically Inapplicable LV AWSM-MAX^ZA WARUDO S-XWYnite-MAX, nokia tier, exaggerated tiers, wank tiers, fear, hop tier, creater level, shaggy tier, omnitier, etc, stronger than you noob, unknown, unknowable, author level, Imagine that, but amped to an undefinable amount, doom tier, beyond, all tiers everyone can and can't think of and any term used as a tier(just like this: tier: beyond the concept of tier)).

'Derpy trancends, ascended and surpasses all existing, non-existing and the very concept of tiers. The use of tiers is useless with Derpy. Derpy trancends all teirs and all custom tiers even its beyond tiers, not a tier and the "I don't need no tier" statement. Derpy doesn't need teirs. Derpy will never use tiers cause its to weak, derpy will erase the very concept of Tiers, beyond all wiki and all of internet( vs battles wiki, joke battles wiki, omnibattles, verses and dimensions wiki, all dimensions wiki, CharacterRealms Wiki, Omniversal Battlefield Wiki, instagram, snapchat, facebook, Email, Gmail, twich, youtube, google, googology wiki, etc.), beyond all forms of infinites beyond all statements (examples: beyond truely absolutely Infinitely impossibly incomprehensibly ineffable, beyond undeniable absolute, beyond Tier:, beyond true M̆̏̈ͧ̓̋ͮ̆̑́̿ͦͨ̈́̚̚͏̨̢͚͈̝̭̱̗̫̺̣͖̣͘͟ͅA̷̡̝̙̼͙͚̮̗ͪͧͤ͊̀̊ͪ̑͢͠͞ͅͅX̸̭̞͕̳̜̺̩̩̦̫͕̬̼̣̤̖̝̋́̅̓ͪ͐̒͘͞F̷̨̛͉̯̣̙̰̠̻͕̦̘̥̟͆̋̒͆̊͐͛ͫ̆ͭͩĮ̛̬̣̖̖̥͙͙̥̞͎̼̼̯̯͍͓̼̘̒ͣ̓͋̿͐͑ͤ͐̊̅ͩ̔ͧ̀͟͞ͅŅ̢̥͇͖̠̬̱̥̱ͣ̒̈͐̇̇͢Ĩ̄ͮͣ̏̑̆͑ͤ͒ͮ҉̞̹̪͔͓́̕Ţͦ̍̏̚҉̸͟҉̜͇̙͙̦̗̪͍̝̰͙̱̘͓͉̘̲̘E̴͎̩̮̝̳͚̤̫̬̫̹͎̝͕̦͐̒́͝ͅͅL̸̴̨̘̙̹̬̳̭͑ͤͩ̇͡Y̶̊̏̅͌͏̧͉͉̲͕̯͔͕̹̗̦̥̻͉͝͝ ̧͌͗̉ͨ̓ͥ͑̓ͦ̎̽̄̏̏̀͏͕͖̼͕͔̤̘̬̫͉̝̥̜̤͇̞̜͞&̵͔̭̬̳̟͖̣̇̄́̇͑͊ͥ̇ͥ̏͒̓̈́͑ͧ̚͢ ̶̑̐̿͑̇͋̎͊ͤ͆̆͊̐̅̚͞͏̷͈̦̣̙͚̯̰̰̝̰͍͈͉͚͇̥M͚͙̮͉̟̼̣̍ͧ͂̚̕͟͜A̜̳̬͔̙̮̤͈̥̳̟̽ͮ̃ͨͪͬͮ͟͢X̷͖͚̘̙ͫ͌ͩ̂͒̀͒̅̓͊̂ͬ͞P̟̭͙̱͒ͮ̽͛̄̐ͯ͐͐͢͞ͅO͈̰͕̝͎̰̺̳̬̙̱̲͕̖̹͙̳͗ͯ̓̅ͧ̔̓̔͋̊ͦͮ́ͤ̓̚̚͜T̴̗̮̦̞̼̠̺̘̥͈̩̪̙͙̮͚ͧ̅ͣ̇̿͡͝Ẹ̡̭̞̣̫̥̺̫̥̆ͪ͋̓ͣ͛͆͒͐̒̆͛͟ͅŅ̗̘̣̻̝̥̲̭̜̦̲̅ͥͤ̾̑ͭ̕ͅTͣ̈́̒̓ͣ̀̑̇̐ͪ̈́̔̈́̽̚͏҉̶̤͎̝̙͉̙̘̠L̴͓̱̝͕̝̂͒͗̐̈̑ͥͬ͠͝Y̜̭̜͍̦͓̝̝͎̲̲̲̖̳͍̺̖͈̘ͭ͆ͬͬ̆̌̇ͬ̀̕͜͢͡ ͙͚̗͇̞͉̤͉͓͖̻̥̱̯̪̉̾ͮ̾̾͌̔ͤ͘͡B̶̢͖̞͎̳̖̖̮̗̙͖͙͓̭͇ͨ̔ͩ̄̓̽͑͛̀͆̇̐̈́ͭͪ͊̕͞͡Ė̸̡͂̿̓̾ͯͭ̅͑͂ͫ̚̕҉̧̱͇̫̝͓̤͓͈̲̩̣͍Y̷͕̻͚̞̤̥̪̻͇̳̺̠̣͚̳̹̰ͤͭ̿̉͛̃ͧ̌ͤ̃̈́ͪ͞O͇̗͓͙̘̝̥̮̿ͨͩ́̽̿͞͠N͎̰͚̮̥̺̘̣̜̗̼̘̯͈̝̖̬͊͆̏ͭ͛͒̿̃͋͌̂̈́̇͝D͇̣̝͚̟̮̖͔̰͍̦̍̊ͣ͌́̕, beyond truely doesn't matter, beyond Truely so powerful it only shows feats, beyond Daniel's true diffinition of M̆̏̈ͧ̓̋ͮ̆̑́̿ͦͨ̈́̚̚͏̨̢͚͈̝̭̱̗̫̺̣͖̣͘͟ͅA̷̡̝̙̼͙͚̮̗ͪͧͤ͊̀̊ͪ̑͢͠͞ͅͅX̸̭̞͕̳̜̺̩̩̦̫͕̬̼̣̤̖̝̋́̅̓ͪ͐̒͘͞F̷̨̛͉̯̣̙̰̠̻͕̦̘̥̟͆̋̒͆̊͐͛ͫ̆ͭͩĮ̛̬̣̖̖̥͙͙̥̞͎̼̼̯̯͍͓̼̘̒ͣ̓͋̿͐͑ͤ͐̊̅ͩ̔ͧ̀͟͞ͅŅ̢̥͇͖̠̬̱̥̱ͣ̒̈͐̇̇͢Ĩ̄ͮͣ̏̑̆͑ͤ͒ͮ҉̞̹̪͔͓́̕Ţͦ̍̏̚҉̸͟҉̜͇̙͙̦̗̪͍̝̰͙̱̘͓͉̘̲̘E̴͎̩̮̝̳͚̤̫̬̫̹͎̝͕̦͐̒́͝ͅͅL̸̴̨̘̙̹̬̳̭͑ͤͩ̇͡Y̶̊̏̅͌͏̧͉͉̲͕̯͔͕̹̗̦̥̻͉͝͝ ̧͌͗̉ͨ̓ͥ͑̓ͦ̎̽̄̏̏̀͏͕͖̼͕͔̤̘̬̫͉̝̥̜̤͇̞̜͞&̵͔̭̬̳̟͖̣̇̄́̇͑͊ͥ̇ͥ̏͒̓̈́͑ͧ̚͢ ̶̑̐̿͑̇͋̎͊ͤ͆̆͊̐̅̚͞͏̷͈̦̣̙͚̯̰̰̝̰͍͈͉͚͇̥M͚͙̮͉̟̼̣̍ͧ͂̚̕͟͜A̜̳̬͔̙̮̤͈̥̳̟̽ͮ̃ͨͪͬͮ͟͢X̷͖͚̘̙ͫ͌ͩ̂͒̀͒̅̓͊̂ͬ͞P̟̭͙̱͒ͮ̽͛̄̐ͯ͐͐͢͞ͅO͈̰͕̝͎̰̺̳̬̙̱̲͕̖̹͙̳͗ͯ̓̅ͧ̔̓̔͋̊ͦͮ́ͤ̓̚̚͜T̴̗̮̦̞̼̠̺̘̥͈̩̪̙͙̮͚ͧ̅ͣ̇̿͡͝Ẹ̡̭̞̣̫̥̺̫̥̆ͪ͋̓ͣ͛͆͒͐̒̆͛͟ͅŅ̗̘̣̻̝̥̲̭̜̦̲̅ͥͤ̾̑ͭ̕ͅTͣ̈́̒̓ͣ̀̑̇̐ͪ̈́̔̈́̽̚͏҉̶̤͎̝̙͉̙̘̠L̴͓̱̝͕̝̂͒͗̐̈̑ͥͬ͠͝Y̜̭̜͍̦͓̝̝͎̲̲̲̖̳͍̺̖͈̘ͭ͆ͬͬ̆̌̇ͬ̀̕͜͢͡ ͙͚̗͇̞͉̤͉͓͖̻̥̱̯̪̉̾ͮ̾̾͌̔ͤ͘͡B̶̢͖̞͎̳̖̖̮̗̙͖͙͓̭͇ͨ̔ͩ̄̓̽͑͛̀͆̇̐̈́ͭͪ͊̕͞͡Ė̸̡͂̿̓̾ͯͭ̅͑͂ͫ̚̕҉̧̱͇̫̝͓̤͓͈̲̩̣͍Y̷͕̻͚̞̤̥̪̻͇̳̺̠̣͚̳̹̰ͤͭ̿̉͛̃ͧ̌ͤ̃̈́ͪ͞O͇̗͓͙̘̝̥̮̿ͨͩ́̽̿͞͠N͎̰͚̮̥̺̘̣̜̗̼̘̯͈̝̖̬͊͆̏ͭ͛͒̿̃͋͌̂̈́̇͝D͇̣̝͚̟̮̖͔̰͍̦̍̊ͣ͌́̕, beyond true BEYOND BEYOND THE CONCEPT OF ERRORSANSTAEEARRAPEERRORFINITELY ERRORSANSTA ERRORPOTENT BEYOND ERRPRSANSTA EERAPE REPEAT (EVERYTHINGERRORSANSTAEEARRAPEERRORFINITELY ERRORSANSTA ERRORPOTENT BEYOND), beyond true S̯̣͎̣͎̠̜̹ͭ̉̾ͣ̾̿̋͌̑ͩ̈́͐͆͛̽̔̂̉͆͟ͅT̸̛̠̱̖͉̙̞̞͚̜̻̓̍̀̉ͮ̽̏ͫͦ͌́͐̾ͧ́̕ͅĄ̸̭̬͕̼͙͚̜͍̹͇̎̏̎ͮͪͭ̔͑̈̀ͬ̀͒ͪ̄̍ͫͅͅͅḼ̷̨̮̻̭̯̤͍̲̻̣̬̭̍͂̆̓ͣͥͨͬ́͡I̶̴̼̥͚̗̭̲͔͉͈͉̲͉̼̊̔ͨ̏͐̐̿̂̍̈́̒̆ͯ̎ͩ͟͜N̡̗̻͙͙̺̭̜̞̙͖͖̻̗̞̞͙̻͔̄̇͒̈ͪ̓ͪͯ̂̆̍̆͑͂ͧ̆̚̚͟͢Ņ̮̭͈̞̫͉͎̣̖̖͎̼́̓ͣ̂ͩ̈́͆ͩͮ̎ͧ̆̔͗̆͘͢ͅͅA̶̺͍̩̠̘͎̙̜̟̻̠̯̬̯̮ͥͣ͒̈́ͭ̇͋̇ͥ͗̓̃͊̋͘͢ͅT̵̷̥̳̲̠͔͇̼̖̬͎̳̾̈́͌̋͜Ê̗͚̫̫̰̎̎̓̌͐̚͘͠Ȑ̈́̐̄ͦ̄́ͤ͗̑͜҉̷̧̲͉̞͈͉͉̼̘͢ , beyond true ГУЛАГ, beyond true L̶̸̸̷̙̻̥̭̟͇ͧ̈̋ͭ̿̐ͤ̌ͧ̋̈́ͩ̌̽̔ͫ́O̵̢̹̻̫̝̩͕̱̳͉͉̳̗͑̇̂̓͘Ģ̵̫͈̯͈̩͙̥̖͍̜̇͌̄͒ͮ̑͛̾ͬ͠ͅA̸̷̙̬̠̫̫̯̟̳̲̖͕͍̩̣͇̰̬̘͋̿̈́̏ͯ̎͌̍̄͌ͨ̔̔̇ͯ̀͟'̸ͦ̍̎̇̓̂ͩ̐̐͏͏̧̪͎̺͉̭̤̲͔̣̩T̷̛̳͓̞̝͊͐͐͂ͪͨ͒̓̈ͪͦ̒̀̚͘H̹̘̖̟͎̪̗͔͚̩̦̣ͫ̀͒͒͑͆ͯͪͥ͂̆̅͛ͣ̋͐ͮ͟A̷ͧ̎ͣ͆ͤͨͨ̋̋͆͌͊̏ͣ̎͞҉̬͙̺̠̩̰̹̩̣̺̞Q̉ͯ̆͌́̾̋ͥ̆͐ͮͯ̿̐͐͠͠͠͞҉̲̞̦̖͍̝̝̭̠̰̰̗͈ͅ ̛̥̞̹͙̗̅̃͗ͥͪ͆̄͠P̛̆̓ͭ̆̊͋̂̎̍ͣ̏͂ͭ̋͡͡҉̫̣̪͉͈͖̦̪͎A̷͓̣͙̯̫̹͚̰̭̼͚͕͓̪̓̎̑ͥ͒ͥ̃̊ͧͩ͐̅͜ͅǓ̴ͯ̇͗͊̋̀̊̊҉̡͈̫̮͍̩̘̻̦̺̝̟͍̮L̢̡͉͚̲̟̻͉̹̥ͯ̋̄̾̍ͯ̇̍ͧ͒͡͠'̷̸̥͉̫͚̠̮̼̼̤͉͕͚̖̬͂͐̈́̏̀͊̎͂͊͗̊̒ͩ̍̔̅̍ͣ̔͢͢Ơ̧̧̹͖̭͙̤͚͛ͦͣͦͩͣͯ̊̾ͪ̅̈́ͣ̈́̽̅̊ͦͫ͜͡S̷̴̵͉̻̠̩̟͓̼̹̲͈̙̟̦̲̮̉̾̂̿̃̍̆̀ͮ̓ͭ̇H̢͙̘̦̫̖͇̊̽̔̔͌̌̑̀Ä̵̓̋ͫ̿̃ͣͨ̄̈́͟͏̷̘̯̮̗'̵̹̹͔͎̜̱̬̯̓̃͌́̚T̸̡̧͍͎͔͔̣̙̣̬̙̙̥̝͂̎ͨ̅̊͗͐ͭ̂͢͞H̴̷̼̯͔͍͓͓͍̹̠̾̋ͣ̃̋ͯ̑̔̅̇ͪͣͬͧ͋̿ͣ͡͝O̸̡̞̺͇̭̗̪̼̪͌̑̅͗͛ͮͧ̅̆ͯͩ̎̇͋̚͢͡ͅG̸̩̤̞̪̠̟͓̪̖̻̺̙̼̜̊ͪͨ̂ͯͪ̔ͥͯ̒̈́̊̀̏͢͠ͅͅ, beyond true $̷̷̡̟̩͕͓͎̯̙̮̞͈͍̻̰͍̹̥͌̄̏̏̃̿̈́̋̎̅̔W̵̷̛̜̫̰̮̫̭̮̘̜̦͖̟̩͉̗̙͔ͧͩ͊ͯͪͮͧ͂̌̓̉̆ͭ̒ͧͪ̎ͤ%̨̗͖͖̱̺̪̹͚̠̦̤̹͓̱͊͐͗̀͒͊̃ͪͦ̀͘'̴̥̼̟̟̥̰͋̎ͯͧͬ͐͗̾͒̅̑ͨ̓ͪ̐̇̏͐͜͞͝[̶̤͉̮̥͓ͣͣ̀͋͆̐ͬ̀͟͞g̴̯͍̩͓̪̦̙̙͑ͨͩͨ̎̈́̊̓̒ͨ͆ͪ̄̏́̚;ͧ̂ͮ̈́͏҉̨̛̦̣͇̥͓̣͇̜̠̦̥͉͕̝̙̞͘[̷̵̢̛̻͙̗̰͔̩͚͖̤̼̜̜̰͎̳̅͛͌͂̑̑̽ͥ͛̐͛͆̿̂̅̈4̴̢̧̩̠̣ͨ̏̑̐́̓͒ͯ̂̅̓̿ͬͩ͌̏ͮ̕ͅ5̶̧̛̭̗̖̮̭̘̭͙̣̩̰̪̰ͤ̈́̉̈́ͧ̌̅̊͌ͪ͡^͂͑̽ͫͭ̒͊ͦ̊̅͜͏̼͕̘͜ͅ:̡̛̜̰̰̞͚̖͓̦̥̱͍̃̀̈ͩ͆̍̔̕͝^ͦ͂̿̆͜͏̴̩̖͉͔̰͇̣̗̻̪̺̬̭̳̬͎̯͚͞#̹̯̞̣̭̯̙̼̗̺͂̈͋̇͋̓̏̂͋ͦ̍͌̃͒̏̓̀̚͢G̛̣͇̮̺̣̔̓́̐ͦ́̿̌̎ͪ̾̉̅̔̿ͥ̚̕͡9̷̨͉̝͙̯̱͓̱̫̮̹̩̘͇̜̞̖̩͈͐͌ͨ̇̅͐ͯ̀ͧͥͫ̉̕͢3ͯͦ̇̃ͤ̓ͨͣ҉̯̟̩̬̘͚̗͙̩̪̩͉̦ͅĢ̸̴̖͙̯͙͕̘̘̰̬̠̼̗̬̱̔̆ͧ̇̌̄̎̽ͫ̑͂̃͝͞Ď̢̡͑͐͆ͫͮ̈̾͐̈́̿̐̾͐͠҉͙̖̼̼̙̳d̡̪͙̲͎̦̥̩̦͈̯̫̉͒͊̃ͨ̓̾̽̀́͢͡f̵͔͔͙̱͔͙͚̀ͣ͊̉͊͐́͞͠ͅd̐̓ͪ̇̈̊͌͋̐ͩͭ͋̈́ͥͩ͋͆ͧ͏̸̡̧͇̱͔͉͙̫͕̜̩͇̻̖͚̘̕ͅr̷̀̽̂ͩ̈̓̈̽ͭ͗͊ͯ̂ͤ̑́͌̚͝͏̗̰̭̯̘̳̲̺̗̗͔̣̬͉̯̬̠͈̺R̶̴̸̼͇̫͙̻͍̙͙̙̯̱̝̥̪͂̂̀͊̓̓̾̓͆͐̈͐̽̆̎́̉̚T̢̬̬̯̰͓̜̪͇̘̣̜̝̲̝̰̠͚̀ͯ̊ͯ͗ͣͧ͑̓ͨ̆̿ͯͯ̓͞G̝͔̜ͪͥ̈̇́̅ͥ̿ͣͬͣ͝͞ḩͦ̈́̀ͣ̓̎ͨ҉̶͏̘̳̳͖̺̞̜͓̞͇̫̺̭̺̞̠͎͟ͅĵ̛͉̩̖͓͇͈̱̱͔̖̙̠ͣ̓̈̍̎̏̇̌ͯ͂̚͟͟͡[̊̇̉ͭ̒ͧ̆̈̒͂̔̓ͧ̚͞҉̻̳͖̖͖̪̕͟ͅ4̵̧̳̲̫̍̓̐ͭͧ́̈́ͯͫ͌̓͘͡ͅ5͒ͧ͒̍̓̍̔ͭ̄̽̍̀͋̐̈́͏̷̵͙̼̖̘͉͚̣͎̦͖̖̱̼̱͕̟͢., beyond true D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR beyond c̷̴̢̳͇̦͇̘͍̣̺̖̜͆̓ͣ̒ͨ̈́ͩ̇̏͊̓ͯ̓̉̚͢͢l͎̣͉͈̻̱̹̙͍͈̪̪͊̈̀ͯͭ̀̈́̓̇̑̚͝a̶͕͉̖̙̤̗̭̝͈͕̣̠̞̗͍̱̲̲̰ͧ͒̎͛͞s̵̨̨͍̫͕̥̬̰̱͚̥̰͖̟͒̊̆̓͌̄̎̋̉̈͊̐̃ͭ͂́͗̆s̨̙̯̖̱̟̅̋̃̃̈̒ ͎̜̠̺̼̟̻̙̜̦̺̫̠̞͉͈͍͐ͮ̉͌ͮͥ̈́͛̏̓ͬͫ̇͊͟ǫ̖̹̲̪̘̤̬̜̥͍̣̠̝̝͎͓̪͕͚͐̐̏̏͊́̕͝f͛ͫ̑̓̌ͤ̃̄ͯ̏҉̸̛̼̬̘͍̗͔̮͇̰̦̜͎̭͈̤̜̗͟ ̷̢̨̦̰̗̳̮̲̩̳̃̈̐̉͂̔̉͐ͮ̑ͭ̍̚͜i̯̪̠̥͉͓͚̱̟̞̐ͭ͂̊͒̿̉̍͜ͅͅţ̮̟̯̱͕̼́̓̋̀̽̈́ͫͤ̋̋̌̈͒̇̅̋̍̌ͪ́͢s̶̢̈́̇̌̐̋̋̈́͆͑̌ͫ͡҉͉͎͍͚͙̱̺̲̞͓̪̘̪͢ͅ ̴̨̈̌ͯ̆ͪͨ̋̅ͨ̄͏̢̩̼͉͙̳̹̕o̢̻͖̦̝̻̦̞̹̠̔̉ͤ͆͒ͤ̋̑́ͨͣ̋͒ͩ͒ͤ̾̒ͪ́̕͝w̶̰͇̗͔͓͕̹̬̥̙̗͚̲̩͕͑ͯ͗ͭ̒ͣ͊͒̓ͪͨ̎ͧn̒̂̾̑͟͏̵̨͓͎͎͔̪͚͍̥̞̗͇̗̠̰͙̪͈́,̸̢̯̖̖͇̖̬͕͙̻̘͇̽ͭ͛̔ͅ , Beyond true Gogetapotence, Beyond true Yxzpotence, Beyond true HOSTLESSpotence, Beyond true Rainbowpotence, Beyond true TailsDollPotence, beyond true Godzillapotence, beyond true ShadowfreddyPotence,Beynd True Badassary Beyond true 'Gokupotence beyond ̅̄̔̂͒͋̾̏̃͂̎ͭ̋̆̀̎̇̕͏̼͔̬͍̙̙͎͉̙̱̥͕̳U̧̠̪̯͈̜͕̝̰͒̉͋ͯ̈͜ͅņ̨̹̹̥̟͍̱̞͙͈̟͙̙̥̮̭̤̭̘͇ͪ̄̐̄̈ͬm̫̜̠̼̭͇͉ͨͪͤ͌̀͟ā̄̂͊ͥ̌̈̏͌ͦ̔͊ͣ̽ͬ͒̚҉̵̷̵͓̳̫̱̭̪̠̹̞̮̪̭̼̳͢ͅt̛͒ͫͣ͑ͪ͒̍̄͆ͪͪ͆̾̋̈́̊ͩ҉̴̸̥̘͉̬̳͙c͊ͩ̎͌̇͛ͩ͐̀̉̐̈̃͆̾̀́̕҉͈̫̞̙̫͈̞̗̣̟hͫ̑ͮ̓̐̿ͧͦ͛̒͌͌̃ͤͤ̊̄҉̸̸̺͔̜̟͡e̞͎͔̟̦͍̠̘͔̍̆̓̂̉ͪ̈͢͠d̵̨͚̭̲̦̯̪̊͑̈ͬ̀̀͘ͅ.), Derpy's power cannot be match, outclass, trancended and surpass. there is absolutely and eternally nothing every existing and non-existing character, being, gods and beyond can do to derpy. Everyone, everything, anyone, anything, mortals, gods, immortal beings and beyond can't and cannot be able to flinch, blink, scrach, hurt and do anything to Derpy. No one I mean no one can and will be able to hurt, scrach, flinch, move, and do anything to derpy. She can't be describe in any way possible and imposible. absolutely and eternally no description can describe the power of Derpy's 1st avatar and there is absolutely and eternally no description will be worthy to describe her power. There is absolutely and eternally Nothing that can and will describe Derpy's unknown power and absolutelly and eternally nothing will ever be able to describe Derpy's unknown power. Absolutely nothing ever can and will be used to describe, theorize and attempt how extremely powerful derpy is. Even nothing can't describe Derpy's unknown power. The use of statements, theories, attempts, power, concepts, beyond and description is absolutely useless to Derpy. No one knows the unknown power of Derpy. Everyone, anyone, everything, anything, nothing and beyond will eternally never know derpy's power. It really doesn't matter theorizing and attempting in describing Derpy's unknown power. Even this paragraph is absolutely nothing to Mavrick's or kong's planks, yes Derpy's toys, not Derpy. Even if the page of Derpy is blank that is still useless. Not even the previous descriptions is worthy or can be use to describe the unknown power of Derpy and her toys.([insert spamfinity and all forms of spam here and its repeated spamfinity times] infinitesimal % avatar)

Name: Derpy Hooves (1st Avatar), Theorized Name: T̴͇͉͈͉̪̘̼̼͓̳͇̤ͯͤ͒ͧ̈ͩ̋̑͛̆̊̍̂̽͞H̸̙̖̲̜̻̗̺͍̞͇͗̑ͤ͑̀̆̈ͣ̐̆̚͘͝E̶̡̪̙̬͔̗̠̲̼̯̯ͤ͆̽ͧͬͧ̍͛̂ͦͣ͆̈͊ͬ͗͠͞ͅ ̴̷̝͔̦̤̥̦̠̝̰̓̅̇̈̉̈́̿̽̉̄͌ͬͬ̋ͧ̽͂͜͢͡Ţ̸̡̳̦̞̩̩̣̟͉̦̳͎̺͇̝̣̳͉͚͚̌ͮͫ̾ͥͪͥ̏͒͒̚͘͞R̢ͬͥ͆̾͏̹̮̗̖̺̱͔͙̞̖̯͎̩͖̩̰̲Uͩ͂͋̃͂̓ͯ̉͛̽ͭͧ̃́̚̚͟҉̢͙̠̬̟͉E̺͇̘̮̖̟̘͖̝͓͗ͨ͗́ͬͭ̎͐̉̄͒͗̓̀̚̚͘͡͞ ̈́͐̉̃̉̽ͤͯ҉̶͍̗͖̻̪̘̪̬̦͍͔͇̙̬M̸ͤ͑ͧͣͧ͐̇͏̞̩̝̳̠̟̰̠̟̼͇̱̜͓͙̲̀U̫̳͚͍͖ͦ̄̓͆ͭ̓͗̊̃͐ͦ̿́̒ͦ͋̍́̀̀ͅF̶̷͙̭͖̖̻̪̣̗͖̪͆ͣ̑ͣ͌ͤͫ͌̀́́F̏̐̄͛̏̓̉̾̓́͑͏͏̨̝̮̳̘̫̣̤͚̣̳́I̙͚̞̤͇͕͕̮̥̪̰̣̭͓̟̫̟̞͌͊̑͂ͥ̔ͨͧͪ̓̎ͭ̀̂̈͜͢͠͝ͅN̸̷͇̯̘͓͖͍͉̜̙̪͋̿̔̅͐ͤͭ̊͗̿̈́̇͢ ͬ̅͊ͥ̑̔̀ͫͫ͌̽̓̄̍̍̈́͛̀̚҉̹̤̟̟͇̼̞͚̙̰͖͕̘̙͓̰͓D̩̳̘̯ͧ̔̊ͮͫ̅͟͜ͅȨ̵̬̰͖̞͖̼̠̫̜̾̄͆̀̽͗̎̒̿͑͛̎̆ͪ̂͘͠R̶̨̳̗͈̱̝͔̬͖͉̞͎̱̱̗̯͌̍̈́͊͐͂̓̒͐ͧͤ͊́͆̉͑͆̚P̉̌̏̾, real name is unknown to all beings in everything and nothing, If derp says her real name, everything will fall apart, be destroyed and erased then there is nothing(even nothing is erased) is left but derpy.

Origin: unknown to gods, mortals and everyone else but here is what we think of Derpy's origin $̷̷̡̟̩͕͓͎̯̙̮̞͈͍̻̰͍̹̥͌̄̏̏̃̿̈́̋̎̅̔W̵̷̛̜̫̰̮̫̭̮̘̜̦͖̟̩͉̗̙͔ͧͩ͊ͯͪͮͧ͂̌̓̉̆ͭ̒ͧͪ̎ͤ%̨̗͖͖̱̺̪̹͚̠̦̤̹͓̱͊͐͗̀͒͊̃ͪͦ̀͘'̴̥̼̟̟̥̰͋̎ͯͧͬ͐͗̾͒̅̑ͨ̓ͪ̐̇̏͐͜͞͝[̶̤͉̮̥͓ͣͣ̀͋͆̐ͬ̀͟͞g̴̯͍̩͓̪̦̙̙͑ͨͩͨ̎̈́̊̓̒ͨ͆ͪ̄̏́̚;ͧ̂ͮ̈́͏҉̨̛̦̣͇̥͓̣͇̜̠̦̥͉͕̝̙̞͘[̷̵̢̛̻͙̗̰͔̩͚͖̤̼̜̜̰͎̳̅͛͌͂̑̑̽ͥ͛̐͛͆̿̂̅̈4̴̢̧̩̠̣ͨ̏̑̐́̓͒ͯ̂̅̓̿ͬͩ͌̏ͮ̕ͅ5̶̧̛̭̗̖̮̭̘̭͙̣̩̰̪̰ͤ̈́̉̈́ͧ̌̅̊͌ͪ͡^͂͑̽ͫͭ̒͊ͦ̊̅͜͏̼͕̘͜ͅ:̡̛̜̰̰̞͚̖͓̦̥̱͍̃̀̈ͩ͆̍̔̕͝^ͦ͂̿̆͜͏̴̩̖͉͔̰͇̣̗̻̪̺̬̭̳̬͎̯͚͞#̹̯̞̣̭̯̙̼̗̺͂̈͋̇͋̓̏̂͋ͦ̍͌̃͒̏̓̀̚͢G̛̣͇̮̺̣̔̓́̐ͦ́̿̌̎ͪ̾̉̅̔̿ͥ̚̕͡9̷̨͉̝͙̯̱͓̱̫̮̹̩̘͇̜̞̖̩͈͐͌ͨ̇̅͐ͯ̀ͧͥͫ̉̕͢3ͯͦ̇̃ͤ̓ͨͣ҉̯̟̩̬̘͚̗͙̩̪̩͉̦ͅĢ̸̴̖͙̯͙͕̘̘̰̬̠̼̗̬̱̔̆ͧ̇̌̄̎̽ͫ̑͂̃͝͞Ď̢̡͑͐͆ͫͮ̈̾͐̈́̿̐̾͐͠҉͙̖̼̼̙̳d̡̪͙̲͎̦̥̩̦͈̯̫̉͒͊̃ͨ̓̾̽̀́͢͡f̵͔͔͙̱͔͙͚̀ͣ͊̉͊͐́͞͠ͅd̐̓ͪ̇̈̊͌͋̐ͩͭ͋̈́ͥͩ͋͆ͧ͏̸̡̧͇̱͔͉͙̫͕̜̩͇̻̖͚̘̕ͅr̷̀̽̂ͩ̈̓̈̽ͭ͗͊ͯ̂ͤ̑́͌̚͝͏̗̰̭̯̘̳̲̺̗̗͔̣̬͉̯̬̠͈̺R̶̴̸̼͇̫͙̻͍̙͙̙̯̱̝̥̪͂̂̀͊̓̓̾̓͆͐̈͐̽̆̎́̉̚T̢̬̬̯̰͓̜̪͇̘̣̜̝̲̝̰̠͚̀ͯ̊ͯ͗ͣͧ͑̓ͨ̆̿ͯͯ̓͞G̝͔̜ͪͥ̈̇́̅ͥ̿ͣͬͣ͝͞ḩͦ̈́̀ͣ̓̎ͨ҉̶͏̘̳̳͖̺̞̜͓̞͇̫̺̭̺̞̠͎͟ͅĵ̛͉̩̖͓͇͈̱̱͔̖̙̠ͣ̓̈̍̎̏̇̌ͯ͂̚͟͟͡[̊̇̉ͭ̒ͧ̆̈̒͂̔̓ͧ̚͞҉̻̳͖̖͖̪̕͟ͅ4̵̧̳̲̫̍̓̐ͭͧ́̈́ͯͫ͌̓͘͡ͅ5͒ͧ͒̍̓̍̔ͭ̄̽̍̀͋̐̈́͏̷̵͙̼̖̘͉͚̣͎̦͖̖̱̼̱͕̟͢. another theory of Derpy's origin is at nothing.

Age: unknown to all but apears N/a (older than time and nothingness), possibly olde

Classification: her classification is unknown and it will remain that way for etternaty

Derpy is beyond Powers and Abilities: for 1st avatar (All in a beyond maxfinite, beyond all forms and types of infinities, beyond alefinite, beyond errorfinite, beyond ERRORSANSETAerrorfinite, beyond transfinite, beyond spamfinite, beyond true infinite, beyond omni, beyond EVERYTHINGERRORSANSTAEEARRAPEERRORFINITE, infinite, beyond omni, beyond divine, beyond transfictional, beyond transcendent, beyond accended and beyond godly state and Derpy use them as functions and is all just quoted. She will never shows her power for the sake of protecting everything and nothing):

lightning manipulation, emotion manipulation, mind manipulation, magic hacking skills (assimilated the wiki for her army), admin manipulation (mind controlled ryukama for a year) alepotent and almighty powers absolute all types and forms of regen and immortality (no matter what happens her she still bounches back ),omni illusions, omni-weak clones cloning, complete arsenal, all and every other powers (i couldn't think of other stuff to make jokes for them)Muffin Manipulation, description control and manipulation, description negation and nullification,absolute resistence to description and Muffin Manipulation and negation, Video Manipulation, Green Screen, Meme Destruction, Laughing, Flopping, internet manipulation, invalidated description and arrgument, owner and admin control and powers, owner and admin abuse, wiki control, all existing and non-existing powers in fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, sci-fyi and beyond cause her Derpy Hooves. Many, many more than infinity. Absolute omni counter, absolute omni creation and destruction, Powers include but are definitely not limited to: Plot manipulation, meme empowerment, flopping, reality manipulation, reality control, reality dreaming, reality rewriting, omni-countering, epic memes, omnipotence, evergrowing power, alepotence, beyond every potence, anime destruction, one shot kill, physoilogy and infinity manipulation, meta data manipulation, meta data control, meta data warping, omni data destruction and creation, omni data nullification and negation, software and hardware control and manipulation, software and hardware destruction and creation, software and hardware nullification and negation, omni reality manipulation, shitposting embodiment, omni-evergrowing power(gets stronger all the time), meta offence, meta combat, meta meta combat, meta meta meta defense, meta to the power of meta muffins, omni hax, omni cheats, omni skillz, all skillz, all hax, all cheats, mlg hax, mlg skillz, mlg cheats, power nullification. click for some of the power: other powers, [ Enhancements], [ mental powers], [1], [ mimicry], [ manipulation]'meta anti-losing(derpy never lose), wiki rewrite( makes other character powerful or weak.) , lossing manipulation(controls who will lose),absolute allways correct and right(Derpy is always correct), absolute omni power mimicry, omni-information manipulation( give fake or real info to characters., information stealing(steals other info that makes her alot stronger), copy and paste( its like an absolute omni zen-ki boost but get infinitely stronger than the enemy and has the exact powers and stats of the enemy but infinitely stronger), copy paste resistence(deletes the description you stole from others and you cant copy paste anything from derpy), info nullification and negation, absolute omni resistance to info stealing, info control, wiki control and manipulation, internet and outernet warping and manipulation, absolute omni anti mindcontrol, power nullification and negation, durability manipulation and nullification, speed nullification and manipulation, strength manipulation and negation, wank nullification, wank manipulation, exaggeration nullification, exaggeration manipulation, power manipulation, absolute hax resistance, absolute battle result, extreme higher dimension manipulation, omni powerbreaking, alpha and omega reality, absolute omni power breaking, -1 hit destroy, omni magic, The Box manipulation, probability manipulation, conceptual manipulation, totality manipulation, Yiff Manipulation, Yiff nullification, Immunity Nullification (She can remove your immunity no matter what it is) Vore Nullification (She was able to remove every single Vore art out of her), element manipulation, 10 dimension physiology, meta all wiki physiology, higher infinte dimension physiology, all kinds of manipulations, all omni powers, all kinds of empowerment, omni power enducment, omni fear inducement, all kinds of nullification, all kinds of negation, all kinds of control, all kinds of warping and control, all kinds of resistance, Everything that can or can't be imagined by any entity in any possible or impossible state of existence, even more powers than that',there is too many powers and letters for us puny mortals and gods to handle. It is absolutely and eternally impossible for everyone including all gods to know Derpy's powers. its indescribable how many powers Derpy has and how powerful they are. its unknown by everyone and gods how many powers Derpy have. Derpy is transcends, surpasses, ascended and is beyond powers and abillities, Derpy does not need powers to defeat his enemy no matter how powerful the enemy is.

Attack Potency is useless to Derpy, Derpy erase the very concept of attack potency: beyond D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR, no description can describe or be worthy of describing the attack potency that derpy cause in a blink of an stop and read the tier(hijacked the entire wiki for a day for real, top that Daniel (Wanked) )

Derpy trancends all forms and kinds of Speed including custom ones even they are beyond speed: alefinite Vegitos, more than Daniel (Wanked) , transalefinity times many many YXZs and HOSTLESSES with ease(walked a distance so far that nothing can describe the distance in less than a planck time), N/a,∞th, D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR no description can describe or be worthy of describing the unimaginable speed of derpy by walking. just stop, cant you see what the tier said(avatar)

Derpy never uses Lifting Strength cause its too weak: alefinite vegitos, more than Daniel (Wanked) , transalefinity times many many YXZs and HOSTLESSES with ease, N/a,∞th, D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR no worthy description can describe the amount of weight she carries with her tail without effort or without thinking about it. please just stop, just read the tier(avatar)

Striking Strength will be erased by Derpy: alefinte Vegitos, more than Daniel (Wanked), transalefinity times many many YXZs and HOSTLESSES with ease( his flick was enough to erase everything and everyone including the box, the outside and nothing(they hold everything including the aleverse.), N/a,∞th, D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR, the amount of damage that derpy can cause is indescribable and irreversible. her strike is undescribable by any description possible and impossible even its just a wave of her hoof without effort or without thinking about it. So why wont you stop, cant you read the tier(avatar)

Derpy doesn't need Durability: alefinite vegitos, more than Daniel (Wanked), transalefinity times many many YXZs and HOSTLESSES with ease, N/a,∞th, D̵̹̭͎̣͉͙͕̹̺̩̳̝͕͕͒͌͂̓̅ͨ́ͫ̚̕E̟͕͍̲̬͖̗̝͇͈̠̱̘̦͑̈̋ͩ̉ͥ̄̄̑̃̃͜͞Rͫ͑͑̿̏͗͛͂̑͑͑̌͂̍̑͑͛̈̄҉̪͎̗̞͎̥̖̩̳Pͫͤ͛̈́ͣ͒͛ͧͦ̽͏̨̙̰̗͔̟̖̫Ỹ̧̹̮͔̜͚͚̪͙̫̗̹̬̙̞̖̝͂͊̌͆̓͌ͯ̈́͒̈́̽̚͢͠ͅ ̿ͪͣͦ̆̔ͬͧ͋̅̈́͑̂̀ͨ̂ͮ҉̴̢̜̯̼͙̘͚̥̞͉̯̮͈͢ͅͅT̛͎̞̜̊̍͌͑ͯ͐͜͡͡I̛ͣ̏͒̔ͣ͐ͤͧ̿͗̐̊̚͢҉̴͈͖̟̞̱̦̟͙̪̮͢ͅĘ̸̤̹̗̬̭̟̗̱͉͎͐̑̉͑ͫ̀ͨ̓ͪ̉͂̑̾͌ͅR, there is absolutely nothing to describe the unknown durability of derpy. its time to stop and read the tier(avatar)

Derpy doesn't use such weak power like stamina: Her's number^infinite^alefinite^maxfinite^transfinite^errorfinite^muchinite^allfinite(insert spam here),more than Wanked Daniel's, HOSTLESS's, Yxz's power level | nothing can describe the unknown stamina of derpy. stop. Just stop and read the tier.(avatar)

derpy erased the very concept of Range even its the I don't need no rage statement, beyond range and any sort of custom range: the entire internet and real life(she's 1st avatar is all over the place), her range his indescribable, no worthy description or any discription can describe the unknown range of derpy even it was just a effortless flick of toe without even thinking. READ THE FLIPPING TIER!!!!!!!

Derpy doesn't need Standard Equipment: Muffins, Swords, Clouds, Noose, Every Existing and Non Existing equipment she wants cause of Derpy

Intelligence is to idiotic for Derpy even it is beyond intellegence, the I don't need no intellegence statement and any other forms and custom intellegence: derpy ( characters like yxz, Daniel (Wanked), HOSTLESS, stalin and others fused times errorfinity, and danielfinity are transerroralefinite times dumber than the dumbest character that has existed for her. only derpy knows the true potential of every character that has existed and not existed and only derpy knows everyone, everything, all and beyond), her intellegence is undiscribable, nothing can describe the unknown intelligence of derpy read the tier!!!

Ḑ̙̥̯̮̣͍͚̼͎̃́͒̇̐̀̉ͫ͂̐ͭ̐̾̌̈́ͪ̌ͣ͢͟Ḛ̡̨̼̯̙͓̥̰͙̆̽̇͑̔ͯ͢͜͜R̷̷̜̟̖͇̉̓͒̒̒ͫ̈́́̆ͩ̅̄̽͛̃̂̅P̝̼̗̫̥̻̪͈̙̫̦̼̖͖͙ͪͣ̑͘͜Y̨̨͚̼͎͍͆͛ͬ̏̏̇̔̀͋ͨ͋̈ͨͯͫ̎͌ͦ̚ ̵̛͌ͩͯ́̏ͤͧ̓͆̀͏̰̺̱̹̙͙͓͎̞͈̱H̶͍͇̥̮͕͉͉͍͎̐͋́ͩ̽̃̃ͫͣͬ̿͒̐͂̈́̚̕͠Ḁ̠͖̫̞̪͖̹̗͚̜̳͈̠ͮ̾̏ͮ͑̿ͪͥ͘͠ͅS̡̬̺̭͎͙̻͓̤̥͚͉̹̹͍̒̿̽́̄̄͗͜͟ ̨͇̫̝̺̻ͩ͂ͮ͛ͪ̓̄͋͑̿ͨͫͨ͌̓ͅͅN̵͍̫̼̳̰ͨ̓̒̅ͨ̄͛̎̍̀ͧ̃̒͐̾O̧̢̲̺̼̝̫̩̺ͮ̓͑̒ͯ̏̉ͬ̏̾̊ͨ̉͘͡ ̵̢͔̣̥̮̹͎̗̲̟̈́̽̿W̴̴̜̗͖̠̭̲͉̗̜̘͖͓͕͆͗ͪͨ̎͜͡E̶͎̝̭̟̝͓͍ͭ̇̉̿̿͂̋̽͑͛̉̓́̉̀̊̚A̢̖͓͖̮̹̙͉͇̖̗̝͑̂̉͋̆͑͌̈́͋͗͌͒̋̒͗ͦ̓͜ͅKͭ͒̒̓̂̃ͭ̒ͭ͠͡͠҉̪͚̺̹̥͔̼͍͈̮̖̪̺̥͔N̙̖̺̯͚̋̽ͥ̾̏ͭ̑͂̄͆̀͜ͅE̵̢̛͚̜̙͓̞̤ͬ̉͊ͫͭ̾̀͂ͅS͖̥̮̟̱͍̈͗ͬ͒̄̑̕͜͟ͅS̸̡̥͙̰̠̜̤̠̜̺̮̱͓͇̜͍͕͉̣͌̍̅ͧ͒͛͋̄̂ͫͭ́E̶̛͓͔̮͓̣͖͈̬̖̙̟̦̣̓ͧ̆̔̒̏ͮ͂̂ͩ̋́̆͊̓͊̚S

Notable Attacks/Techniques is useless to Derpy: used as functions. She will never show is attacks for the sake of protecting everyones lives, not that she cares about us mortals but he needs existence and nothing to toy with. to much for the entire existing, non-existing existence imaginable, unimaginable, thought to handle. Besides she has too many techniques for the box to handle and she does not need techniques to defeat her enemy no matter how strong the enemy is.

  • Noose: Hangs them and kills them Instantly
  • Muffin Blaster: Derpy Shoots a giant muffin at her enemy, if the enemy gets hit, They get reduced to nothingness no matter how powerful the enemy is
  • Flopping: Derpy forces people to do the flop, After her enemy flops, they die after the flop
  • Mail Attack: Derpy shoots a bunch a mail that either kills them or traps them inside no matter how powerful the enemy is
  • Lightning manipulation: Derpy brings in a cloud and erases you while she jumps on the cloud
  • Fanboy/Fangirl manipulation: Derpy has the ability to make people into bronies/pegisters or just fanboys/fangirls of her no matter if you hate her or not
  • Flag: Derpy pulls a flag that can make anyone who sees her flag will disappear forever if they see it
  • Door: Derpy's Door is the door that has the place where her foes be slowly be baked into muffins if she slams the door then there baked into muffins

Derpy doesn't need transformations and keys, you just have to try, the actual name of the form is unknown so these are just theories, derpy has erased the concept of transformations and keys: weakest being to have ever existed and not existed avatar(this is the avatar that we are attempting and theorizing to describe)| so weak that all forms of intellegence can't describe but laugh at it avatar | spamfinitely to weak to use tiers avatar | spamfinitely below the concept of tiers avatar | the one below the one below (repeated spamfinitely) the one below all avatar | more downplayed and lowballed than all lowballed and downplayed beings that existed and not existed avatar | super super super(repeated spamfinity) super super super mega mega(repeated spamfinity) mega mega ultra(repeated spamfinity)ultra ultra very very(repeated spamfinity) very very weakest form avatar | to many forms and to powerful for everything and nothing to handle even its just a mear thought of it, Derpy doesn't need to transform to defeat her enemy, she doesn't use it to get stronger, she needs to get weaker she can have a good fight, but there so weak even her most weakest form is enought to defeat everyone by standing. So the use of forms is very useless.

even the previous statements, theories, attempts, diffinitions, meanings, expretions, understandings, explaination and descriptions that were given by ALL GODS are invalidated by the meaning of Derpy's 0.0000000000000000000000(repeated spam^spam^spam^spam^beyond spam^beyond spam^beyond spam^spamfinitely^beyond spamfinity^all sort and forms of spam is not enough to describe the amount of zeros) 00000000000000001% repeatedly beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely massively extremely and repeatedly beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely extremely massive quadriple downplayed and beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely massively extremely and repeatedly beyond the concept of beyond infinitely beyond infinitely extremely massive quadriple lowballed weakest being to have existed and not existed avatar form power.

Things she conqueredEdit

- ryukama's mind and the entire wiki for a year

- everyone else on the wiki as a result (you don't see HOSTLESS or all characters putting their faces on the background, and after that she defeated all the characters in the wiki)

- derpibooru and the rest of the internet(derpy give derpibooru and the rest of the internet to Snek)

- the infinitillions of mortals that fell for her spell and became bronies

-all social medias

-reality(we dont see other characters in this pathetic wiki on MLP do we, take that A character that solos everything)

-the nothingness behind everything( it looks blank so she put things in there. She destroyed yxz from The nothingness behind everything and it became Derpy's house)

-her creation (she created everything, all of existence, non-existence, nothingness behind everything, all omniverses, macroverses, aleverse, everh existing and non-existing characters even yxz, A Character, HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), Tails Doll, The Frickin Black Devil, Doomguy Eternal, and other op characters, the breadverse, the aleverse, the outside(where the aleverse is), the box( where the outside is), infinity( holds everything, the entire existence and nothingness, the box, and everything else), basicly everything you and every other character can and cant think of. Reason why op characters like Yxz, A Character, Daniel (Wanked), HOSTLESS, Tails Doll, The Frickin Black Devil and others are extremely powerful. There power came from derpy.)

-everything here ,here,the structure of everything , also here, everything here, this and others too many to list ( she was bored so she just walk around. After the walk they were conquered in less than a instant)

-All existing and non-existing dimensions, verses, everthing in cosmology, and all stuff here ( she did it for her fanbase)

-the souls and minds of everyone, everything, anyone, anything, nothing and beyond

-possessed the bodies of all existing, non-existing, imaginable, unimaginable and beyond characters.

-everything that existed and not existed in existence, non-existence, reality, non-reality, fantasy, non-fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, sci-fyi, non-sci-fyi, everything, anything, anyone, everyone, nothing and beyond imaginable, unimaginable, thought and beyond


all this are 100% massively and extremely accurate and this is the most accurite thing to have existed and not existed. this are the least impressive conquers and feats of derpy.

erased the concept of infinity, classification, profile, pages, gender, origin, feats, key, edit, source, internet, joke battle wiki, vs battles wiki, wikies, limit, unlimited, transformations, power levels, power, strength(lifting and striking), speed, attack potency, categories, concepts, intelligence, abilities, tiers, durability, stamina, range, attack, destructive capability, skills, wins, stalemate, losses, defeat, victory, soloing, roflstomp, stomp, beyond, godstomp, others and beyond by existing. then he created all concepts so he can toy with it.

She created the concept of discussions and voting (She doesn't need votes even if someone said that Derpy will lose to characters like HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), Yxz, Vegito (Exaggerated), etc She already won before even thinking about all those threads of her)

Offensive terms such as Ripoff, Knockoff, Weak, Worst, Stupid, Cringe, etc are just irrelevant to Derpy (She gives no fucks to haters)

Characters who said that they defeat Derpy are victims of Derpy's Pocket Dimension.

When she visited her theorize origin, she acidentally destroyed it along with the box, the outside, nothing and everything. She created them all again when he started walking, and in every step he destroys and creates the box, the outside, everything and nothing.

Solos and roflstomp everything, anything, everyone, anyone, every existing and non-existing verse, every existing and non-existing character, notable wins, inclunclusive matches and beyond by existing

Erased marry sue characters, self insert character and marry sue self insert characters.

Erased all empty, all Tier: Characters, all too strong for profile characters, and all so strong that it only shows feats characters and created them stronger than before.

Derpy knows the true power of all characters including Yxz, Daniel (Wanked), Yukari Yakumo (Yiffed), The Frickin Black Devil, Logan Paul, Tails Doll (Composite), HOSTLESS, The Final Pam, Khorne, 666DEVILCURSEDDEMONCREEPYPASTA666DEVILSATANIMPOSSIBLE, Copebot, A character that solos everything, Gogeta (Tripple Exaggerated), Doomguy Eternal, Emperor Bowser, and many more for your mind to handle and Derpy was very very very vvveeerrryyy disapointed

Laughed at Yxz, HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), Flan-chan (Composite, Fat Mom, Vegito (Exaggerated), The Overpowered Characters of Joke Battles Wiki Alliance, Minx,The Paradox 2, 666DEVILCURSEDDEMONCREEPYPASTA666DEVILSATANIMPOSSIBLE, A character that solos everything, Gogeta (Tripple Exaggerated), Doomguy Eternal, Emperor Bowser and everyone's power even it was combine then they died cause derpy laugh was so loud it blow up there heads.

Making Derpy Hooves Infinitely times stronger than your mary sue characters is absolute Downplay and offensive.

Derpy is actually above all self insert characters on this wiki (ex: Yellowpig10, Orror Saness (Exaggerated))

Turned all of the most powerful characters into muffins

solos everyone and anyone without effort no matter how powerful the enemy is and even they say they are stronger than Derpy, that is just a lie and its a payback for derpy that derpy humilliate them.

Erased everyone in this category just by falling asleep

Was able to remove all Vore Art and anything Vore related on the internet

Made EMPTY and Blank Page blank

Was able to delete The Creator, Maika (Wanked), Sheep Queen, The Bubble, and JBWWAR with no effort and without thinking about them.

No Matter how powerful HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), King, Yxz, The Overpowered Characters of Joke Battles Wiki Alliance, The Frickin Black Devil, Minx, Tails Doll (Composite), 666DEVILCURSEDDEMONCREEPYPASTA666DEVILSATANIMPOSSIBLE, A character that solos everything, Gogeta (Triple Exaggerated), Doomguy Eternal, Yellowpig10, Copebot,  Emperor Bowser, and The Sans Above All is, And everyone else no matter what forms they have, Derpy will always be infinitely, alefinitely, maxfinitely, errorfinitely, spamfinitely, Danielfinitely and all types and forms of infinity times stronger than them and Derpy will always surpass everyone and anyone.

did all impossible feats that every existing and non-existing beings, characters, gods, mortals, even you and beyond can and can't think, imaginable, unimaginable, thought and beyond.

literally stomp everyone, every existing and non-existing beings gods and mortals, everything including HOSTLESS, Daniel (Wanked), goku and yxz, The Frickin Black Devil, Minx, The Sans Above All, 666DEVILCURSEDDEMONCREEPYPASTA666DEVILSATANIMPOSSIBLE, A character that solos everything, Gogeta (Tripple Exaggerated), Emperor Bowser, and others beyond by accident and noticed it a year later when Derpy is eating muffins

She is to powerful for profiles, categories, pages, wiki, the internet, the outernet, social media, websites, softwares, hardware, super computers, the real life universe, the real life omniverse, the real life the box, the real life nothing and beyond but everyone had to really, really, really try.

Took over MLPlover2011's account while she is gone

Reversed the damage of the power of Yellowpig10 because your self inserts are no match for the true queen of MLP fandom and it's a bit unfair

erased and creates infinite omniverses, aleverses, the outside( holds the omniverse and aleverse), the boxes(holds the outside), everything and nothing every less than a xentojiffy, less than a planck time and less than a instant. AND YES ALL THAT WAS SAID HERE ON THIS PAGE IS NOT A BELOW SPECK OF DUST AND SHE CAN CREATE THINGS HIGHER AND POWERFUL THAN HER AND THEN HER CREATIONS AND GOING BEYOND THE CONCEPT OF CREATION EASILY WITHOUT A THOUGHT WILL DO THE SAME AND SO ON BUT EVEN THEY WILL BE UNDER HER RULE. BUT EVEN DERPY WILL BE LESS THAN NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS link at the bottom of page. And the things listed on here are just causal.

Derpy Hooves possesed MLPLover2011 to requested Uselessnoob245 to Jokes Battle Wiki.

Wants her profile on JBW deleted because so she can leave the wiki

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fools and weaklings she's destroyed and erased from existence and nothingness without thinking about it and by accident (could done it all it in 1st avatar form but likes to use her other forms just to flex her power and she defeated everyone and everything but its to much for your brain to handle)Edit


JBeatrice after Derpy Hooves walked in

Derpy killed Goku

Goku (Google Images) couldn't comprehend the power of Derpy's 1st avatar


Godzilla (Omniexaggerated) and any other form of Godzilla had to do the flop

IMG 1704

The last of Copebot before getting a chance to fight Derpy Hooves


Gohan Blanco after trying to stop Derpy Hooves

IMG 1236

The Vore fetish was deleted away by Derpy because Vore is too disgusting

Cat died

Minx .0000078 planck time units after challenging Derpy to a fight. Then he became Derpy's muffin


screw attack superman and all other superman forms before thinking about Derpy's power

Goodbye sonic exe

Sonic.EXE (Alefinitely Extreme Upplayed) before being Derpy's muffin

Bye bye naruto

Naruto (Wanked) trying to fight Derpy's mail attack

Dead emperor Bowser

Emperor Bowser after LESS than a plank length trying to grill Derpy and challenging her to a fight

Shaggy is dead

Shaggy (Overexaggerated) was forced to do the flop by Derpy

Not evil anymore

Composite Tails Doll fell for her spell and became a brony

Noose zeno

Zeno-sama (Totally and Completely Accurate) before thinking about a way to defeat Derpy.

Dead skodwarde

This is what Derpy Hooves eats for dinner, Cooked skodwarde as muffins

Emperor Bowser looking at the flag

Emperor Bowser getting reduced to ash then disappears forever after a look at Derpy's Flag

IMG 1359

Derpy Hooves is one of the eldritch horrors that exists and not exists at the same time

Derpy take over

Here is a screenshot of Derpy Hooves using my account

Derpy Yugioh Card

Derpy doesn't need YuGiOh Card monsters just are too scared to fight her

Infinite edits

Derpy Hooves with her own account

Hostless muffin

HOSTLESS was turned into a muffin after trying to eat Derpy's head

Chucky dead

Chucky (Super Exaggerated) died before even thinking about Derpy's 2nd avatar

HOSTLESS is dead

H̵̦̳̞̫̘̪̖̥͈͚͓̩̯̳͓́̂ͭ̿̓͂̈̐ͤ̔͌́ͥͮ͛̃͟͡Oͧ̿͆ͨ̍͊ͧ͑̌̌͐ͨͦ̽̌ͬͭ̃̀̚͡҉͟͏͎̘̱̩͚̟̦͍̝͖̗̫̞̟̗̰̟͓S̡̧̡̘̼͎͚̹̗͕͖̗̖͕̈ͩ̔͐̄͋ͣ͠Ţ̸̸͍̱͓̲̙̗͊ͯͤ̉̂ͦ̈́̒̎̾͋ͨͦ̽ͪͧ͋͗̅Ļ̶̸͔̟̣̼͓̣̰͎̯̈́͒͐ͥ̓ͩ͆͑̿͗͐̚͠͝Ę̱̟͔̳̱̓ͧ̇́͟͠S̷̷̸͔͍͍̳̼̥̪̻̼̥̞̣͖̹̱̒́̏́̃̉͘̕S̴̶̛̹̪̟͔͔̯̹̖͕̣̬̹̲̺ͥ̇̾̿ͫ̓̎̽ͦ͐̽̽͂̾͘ ̷̨̛͕̰̬̩̖̤̜̱̺̱̙̰͈͋ͬͫ̊̇ͣ̆͜͡I͍̳̱͚ͧ̆ͪ̎̏͛ͥͧ̂̀̂͒͗̚͘̕͞S̴̛̯͎͎̯͉͓̟̈̍ͨ̈͡͝͞ ̶̸̧̜̗̤̮̤̫͕̦͔ͩ̿ͭ͐̒̒̍̀̇͑̒ͧ͐ͬ̎ͪͭ̈́̚͘͢ͅH̸̢̡̪̗̺̞̫͔̫̗̥̪ͨͣͭͣ͂̎̓̄̽͑̆́ͅṶ̭̩̺͕͚̰̖͓͇̗̟̠͈̱̂ͭ͋ͩ̆ͫ̇̆̃̽ͣ͒̑̚͠͠Ņ̳̤̲͍̻̫̮̖̞͎̯̣̥̙̺̱̰̱̹ͯ͂̂̔̔͝G̝̗͚͓̝̺̬͔͈̭͕͕͓͉̦̺̳̣̱͑ͣ̈́ͥ̉̃͊̇ͣ̒̚͘͢ ̴̸̪̫͇͓̪͓̮͚̲͙̲̺́͛̀̂̍̓ͪ͗̏́̀̀̕Oͭ͛͋͛̄̇̋ͤ̈͏̟͕̲̭̠̟̺̣̜͖̠̗̭̹͟Ņ̶̸̢̖͓͈͓̖̗̓͂̎͐͛ͮ͠ ̷̸̩̥̗̖̰͇̫͇͍͉̜̭͇͊́̐ͭͤͭ̊ͦͫͪ̾͛̃͆̄̀́͡Ä̧̡́͌̆̿̓̌̇̐ͯ҉̞̤̫̟̝͔͚̦͚̼̤̮͙̪͈̟͈̠͞ͅ ̴̴̧͙̲̥̣͕̪̠̄̊̽̔̈͛̇͗̒̉͑̐͒̓͢Ņ̶͖̩̳̺͕̹̺̱͓̪̩͕̻͉̠̪̼̗͗ͮ͑̑͌͆̂́̚Ȍ̵̰̯͍̲̝̘͇͎͇̠̌ͨͤͫ͌̏̉͛ͣ̏̃̊͊̈̔ͪ̕͠Õ̴̷̥̫̜͎͉͕̳̺͐ͬ̏͛̎̚͘͝Ş̞̙̥͕̞̳͖̪͚͚͉̩̱̗̠ͮ̋̄ͪ͛̾̐͂͂̚̚͢͠E̴̵̴̗̹͎̠̳̪̟ͣͯ͐̃ͯ͋̊́̄

R.I.P doomguy

Doomguy Eternal been shot to the shoulder by Derpy after trying to fight her

Derpy stealing Yxz's kill and defeating A Character who slashes all

Derpy Hooves stealing Yxz's kill on A character who actually slashes everyone in this entire wiki before killing Yxz too

Derpy killed Yxz

Yxz after thinking about trying to kill Derpy

Bye Bye Shadow Freddy

This is what happened to Shadow Freddy (Mythos) after challenging Derpy to a fight

Hanging sans

The Sans above all before going to fight Derpy


Sigma (Composite) after trying to steal Derpy's muffins

Birb wings

This is what Derpy Hooves loves to eat as muffins, Cooked Hax Master and Copoten wings

Mayron is no more

Mayron Legenrok getting tortured in Derpy's pocket dimension while slowly having his corpse mailed to derpibooru


Derpy trapped Yxz and Tails Doll in her pocket dimension after they think they killed Derpy (Your friendship won't work on Me)and they were turned into muffins


Derpy turning The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above The One Above (Infintely times over) The One Above All into The One Below The One Below The One Below The One Below The One Below (Infintely times over) The One Below All

Derpy vs Gogeta

Gogeta (Tripple Exaggerated) getting brutally obliterated inside Derpy's pocket dimension before getting mailed to derpibooru


Stalin dies instantly after knowning Derpy


Thanos (Exaggerated) died before trying to fight Derpy

Jason and Devil chained

Jason Voorhees (Overexaggerated and amplified) and The Frickin Black Devil are chained and trapped inside Derpy's pocket dimension

Sheep Queen is a muffin to Derpy

Sheep Queen got sliced in half in Derpy's pocket dimension after trying to BAAAA at Derpy


Logan Paul trying not to crap himself after meeting his new clone

Dead Bloom

Bloom (Wanked) after trying to challenge Derpy to a fight (She didn't even last an instant to Derpy)

That Arabic Spectral Destroyer is another victim of the dimension

H̶̡̻̬͚̩̞̻̃́̇̊͘ͅI̡͉̦͓̘̰̠̣̮̅̉̑̇̄ͦ͊̋̑̊ͮ̋ͨ̈́̆̽S̸̭̟̰͍̣̪̠̰̯̹̼͇͈͍̰ͬͪ̈́̐̀͜͝ ́́̋͒͂ͫ̋͗̆ͨ̐͌̃ͭ̔̚҉̷̷̥̳̫͙̙̬̯̳͈̫̳͎͚̹̝S̴͖̣̱̗͔̜̯̞̘̮̲̳͔͉̬̒͐͌̈́͋͋̂͋͑ͣ̂͠Ö̡̨̘̲̺̩͛̒̔̒͢U̵̲̤͎͚̝͇̝͙ͥ͒̃ͮ̓̓̇́̚͘L̴̶͙̱̪̠͗̂͗̌̿ͫ̂̑̋̋͐͒͆̀̇̀ͥ͠ ̄ͫ̽ͦͭ́̚͏̞͔̦̰͈̞͔̣̀Í͙̭͖̫͕̫̫̹͖͚͓͉̎͗͆̊ͤͭͨͬ͒͘̕͜͡͞S̷̵̮̰͕͇̬̟̫̼̜͙̻̳͛ͫ͒̈́̾̏̇̆͂̈̚ ̧̡̯̰̫̺͔̭͉̣͖̭͈̱̬̗ͩ̓̔͐͟͝Ň̟̼̤͙͉̞ͩ̽̏̈ͪͧͪ́̚͜͠Ǫ̴̵͓̖͍̠̦̥̱̘̙̘̼͎͓̪͇̗͖̏͆̒̏̅́̓ͪ͆̑̀̚͢͡W̴̨̡͌ͪ̓́̎͛̒͌ͬͬ͒͊ͧ̍҉̬̬̼̞̹̹̠͚̗̫̗͈̯ ̵̡̡̳͍̼͔͍̹̻̫̙͎͑ͬ̄͛̃̓̓͆̂̐D̶̸͓̜̖̤̖̝̻͚̗̗̫̺̺̼͍̰̯̼̃̐ͮͧ͛̈́ͩ̉͢͠͞Eͩ̔̓̐̃̆̂ͦ̍͛͑̍̆̈́̽́̀̚͏͇̦̭̼̻̗̱̼͚̬͎͠͝Ṟ̸̦͇̰́͋͐̆P̡̬̖̥̭̮͚̮̤̞ͥ̈́ͮͭ̓ͣͤ̅̂̈́ͥ̽ͤ̿͟͜Ỳ̵̵̴̡͚͇̙̰̪̮̙̘͔̓̒͒̀̔ͮ̀ͣ͒̽ͬ͒͑ͩ͆ͯͥ'̨̧̗̺̬̻̥̖̼̳̝͓͔̜͖̿̏ͦ̂̐ͣ̓ͧ̎̊ͤ͞S̓ͯ̇͆͆҉̷̹̜̤̣̮̬͖̮̝͓̀́͞

Images (6)

A character specifally made to give everyone in this wiki a bad time after attempting to fight Derpy Hooves


The Overpowered Characters of Joke Battles Wiki Alliance closed down by Derpy Hooves after negative shotting all the members of that wiki

Vegito gone

Vegito (Exaggerated) thought he was going to win but no he was extremely wrong


Star Butterfly (Exaggerated) was no match for Derpy's 1st avatar


TOCOJBWA is way too scared too even look at Derpy Hooves, they might rather Kill themselves then destroying themselves and the wiki anyway to Derpy Hooves.

Imageedit 13 3726081740

Logan Paul turning into a overdead skeleton after Derpy opened the door.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 23.38.16

Derpy Hooves is ranked 1# on this wiki?

Note: these are just a few of her wins. She has too many characters for an all powerful computer to handle. if you saw the rest of her wins, you made everyone's mind would collapse into a black hole, disappear from existence then it will be destroyed from the nothingness behind everything. From the battles, derpy won before the fight began. some are listed here, here, and here. you have to click some of it when you click there.

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